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British Cycling East Midlands

Club Development:


If you need any support with anything club development related and would benefit from a call to discuss development needs then please get in touch - email


Some useful links below:


All about Clubs on the British Cycling website


Affiliation - resources


Go-Ride Club toolkit


Clubmark  - This will be changing in 2022  - aligned with annual affiliation. Adult clubs can engage too and this will be an annual more light touch health check for clubs, which will highlight areas for development and support needed from the regional team. Less onerous on the paper work side of things which will be welcome to us all -  details will be sent out early 2022. Those who have recently renewed will be rolled over to the new process.


Safeguarding - DBS, Child Welfare Officer etc DBS docs can be verified via teams and only takes 5-10min and this can be doubled up as a club development catch up.

If you have any volunteers who need to apply email and a link will be sent through to start the process.


First Aid



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