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Mark Williams

MTB Workgroup Lead


I started riding bikes 12 years ago when my son started riding for his school's mountain bike team. 


On weekends when he wanted to do longer events the children needed to be chaperoned by an adult and, tag I was it.  What I didn't realise was that 12 years later mountain biking would be an integral part of our family life.


I have been blessed to completed in a number of UCI multi day stage events, including Sani2C and Sabie Experience, as well as having done 6 Sabie Classics, which by all accounts is the longest running mountain bike race in the world.  Some of my fondest memories are with my son on a day out on the bike.


The East Midlands has wonderful opportunities for developing mountain biking as it is primarily comprised out of rural country side. 


I hope over the next few years to help the regional board become more involved in the Mountain Bike community from social riding, all the way through to the sharp end of the sport.

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