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Patrick Warren

Road Events Workgroup Lead


My role on the board is to represent the Regional Road & Circuit Race Workgroup, which I chair.


We aim within the R&C Workgroup to address the challenges that these disciplines face in the short, medium and long term, to support the delivery of a balanced programme that caters for everyone who wants to race.


I have a background in bike racing, which I have done across the categories and most disciplines since starting as a schoolboy in 1979. Whilst still a 2nd cat, my racing has increasingly been Masters Road and Circuit races over the past couple of years as the standard of 2/3s racing has increased and my capacities have decreased. Pre-Covid I was riding 30-40 races a season, which I intend to get back to when things return more to normal in 2022.

I’m also an active race organiser - I organised the National Junior RR Champs in the region in 2019, and the 2021 East Midlands RR Champs.


A personal mission is to see the ‘squeezed middle’ of British bike racing properly represented. This means racing for riders who are not at the very pinnacle of the the sport - so domestic Men and Women’s E/1/2/3 is properly funded and supported, and ON THE ROAD in an era when all the forces seem to be trying to push bike racing off the road and on to standard-format self-contained circuits. And as the infrastructure that supports UK bike racing is very heavily delivered by volunteers, to ensure those volunteers in turn are properly supported and resourced.


There is also a strong place for advocacy and influence for Road and Circuit racing within British Cycling, and I would like to be more involved in that in the future.

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