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Peter Bell

Road Events Workgroup Lead


I am based in South Leicestershire, a British Cycling member and also belong to my local club, Welland Valley CC. 


My primary interest is road cycling, participating both socially and competitively on a regular basis, and also watching as much as I can on GCN/Eurosport! 


Having returned to cycling (like many) following the successes of the Tour and Olympics in 2012 after many years away focusing on football and then running, my love of the sport has grown year after year. 


After building the confidence that I was at a reasonable level, I participated first in club events, before progressing to open Time Trial races; encouraged by a friend, I took the next step and started to take part in Road and Circuit races, moving up to Cat 3 this season. 


And, when it gets too cold and/or wet, I disappear into the garage to keep riding on Zwift.


The opportunity to be able to contribute to the development of cycling in both our region and at a national level, and to play a part in driving further growth in the participation in a sport which I love, is truly exciting. 


In my role as volunteer Board member, I am responsible for the Road & Circuit workstream here in the East Midlands and, having been on the journey of discovering how to get involved in racing myself as a 'novice', my aim is to increase participation and opportunities to race at all levels and across all demographics, to help more riders discover the excitement and rewards of racing that I have felt.

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