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Chris Lawrence


Publicity Manager

National Councillor


I was elected on to the East Midlands Regional Board in 2021, but have been part of Regional Boards and work groups for over 5 years. I have cycled for around 30 years in one form or another, racing road, circuit, and MTB to a very very mediocre standard.

I am an event organiser (around 35 races in now), and deliver Barnsley Town Centre Races, a National Circuit Series event. I intend to deliver a NCS round in the guise of Newark Town Centre Races from 2022 onwards alongside Newark and Sherwood DC. I help shape our National Events by supporting the National Organisers Group, and its relationship with British Cycling.

In my role as secretary and publicity manager, I will support the region in increasing its value to the members of the region, instil best practice wherever possible, create and preserves networks inside cyclesport and promote the excellent work that British Cycling do for East Midlands.


I will represent the regions wishes as a National Councillor during its annual meeting.

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