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British Cycling East Midlands - Regional Teams


This page talks to two sections - Part one is the Sanction of Regional Teams Expression of Interest and Confirmation  of Team Selection, Part Two being selection criteria (in development)

PART ONE - Sanction of Regional Teams, Expression of Interest, and Confirmation of Team Selection

British Cycling East Midlands is an administrative region to specifically support cyclists with an East Midlands racing license.


The regional board has Discipline Work Groups that will ratify team selection of each event a representing team is entered - no matter the host venue, territory, race classification or governing body.


The Discipline Workgroup Contact details can be found here 

The selection criteria standard required should prioritise East Midlands license holders to ensure we maximise the opportunities for our own members.


Please can we follow the steps below prior to races going forward.

  1. Prior to any expression of interest being published, a clear selection criteria should be published to the chair of the appropriate work group (ideally in the future from a template we develop together hosted on the regional website)

  2. If a budget for any event is needed, this should be a consideration prior to the EOI being published, and should be channelled via the workgroup, not directly requested to the board.

  3. The chair should publish to the WG and discuss / sanction at the next appropriate meeting

  4. A time period of the expression should be established leaving sufficient time for the next convening of the W/Group to discuss, assess and ratify; or provide feedback

  5. The selection criteria should be made public at the publication of the Expression of Interest

  6. All expressions of interest received should be shared with the workgroup, along with a recommended team, with rationale as to the inclusion/exclusion based against the selection criteria; including a confirmed ‘reserves’ list. No other rider should be entered

  7. The workgroup should be cognisant of any disciplinary status’ of all parties involved in the BCEM team prior to approval; and ensure that the team is to be governed in accordance with BC best practice guidance set out, appropriate to the event.

  8. The workgroup should take in to account previous instances that riders have represented the region to assess if selection is appropriate.

  9. The workgroup reserves the right to request a copy of the riders race licence as supporting evidence.

  10. Once the riders are selected by the workgroups, then this is the team, irrespective of situations leading to non participation of individual riders.

  11. The workgroup has the authority to decline, clarify, contest, and/or approve the selection criteria, the time period, or the riders recommended at any stage throughout the steps.


To be clear, we are a geographically large region with a sufficient community of racing cyclists covering all backgrounds, disciplines, categories, and age ranges throughout cycle-sport.

PART TWO - Selection Criteria Template

[In development]

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