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British Cycling East Midlands - Working Groups

There are a number of workgroups hosted by members of the East Midland Regional Board. 


Workgroups currently exist for Road/Circuit, Track, Off-road (cyclo-cross & MTB) and BMX. 


The purpose of these groups is to bring interested parties together to support, maintain and develop cycling within the region; and are the conduit to any funding request from the region.


For example the groups have supported organisers to get events back up and running following the lifting of Covid guidelines, supported officials and volunteers to return to activity safely, and to provide a forum for sharing of learning and ideas for promoting successful events. 


The workgroups are also planning into this year and beyond to maintain and build recreation and cycle-sport in their respective disciplines.  Group membership includes organisers, coaches, volunteers and officials and their plan/actions are supported by regional staff.

If you have ideas or initiatives that potentially require funding, the workgroups are the gateway to that, prior to sign off by the regional board.


If you are interested in finding out more about the Regional workgroup for a particular cycle discipline, please contact:

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