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Regional Funding

British Cycling East Midlands has a put in place a £5000 (per year) development fund to support club and cyclesport development in the region.

Its core objectives are 

• Support and facilitate delivery and development of the cycling pathway

• Grow the size scale and saturation of cycle sport events

• Grow your club network and diversify the sport

• Build capacity within the volunteer pathway

• Support facilitate the governance structures across commission / regions

• Transition from participation to core sport

Here is the regional development plan for 2024. All funding should be aligned to this plan

Some of the questions we will ask you are 

• Why the need is there

• What is the impact of  the initiative

• How many people will benefit from this

• Who are these people (BC members/non members / broader diversity questions)

• Is this a one off or enduring initiative and if the latter, how will this sustained ?

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