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Talent Pathway in East Midlands


There are many opportunities for young riders & coaches to develop within the region  - see links below.

Follow this link for a list all Talent Development Centres (TDC): in the East Midlands.

What is a Talent Development Centre (TDC)?

More about British Cycling Talent Development Pathway

TDC sessions are not only great sessions for riders to develop but are also great coach development/CPD opportunities for club coaches to gain experience on the pathway – working closely with other coaches and feeding this down to the supportive club environment -  

Please get in touch in you want to get involved -

Also join in the conversation in the East Midlands Youth and Junior Development facebook page

Cluster Sessions:

A number of clubs have highlighted the lack of opportunities for older/more experienced youth riders within current club sessions/facilities – for those who need more challenging environment (skills & fitness) are attending TDC’s and for those who are just off the pace and to support with the transition to Talent Development Centres, and beyond.

Sessions are for Youth C,B,A for those racing, or want to start and want to improve fitness & skills in preparation for race season.

A minimum number of riders are needed (approx. 20-30) and coaches/helpers to ensure the smooth running, add value to the session and off course wash its own face financially.

For this to be sustainable, the criteria is, if your club have riders attending then you need to bring a coach or helper to each session , be included in the rota with availability, sessions plans etc

The regional BC team can help get this off the ground with coach support/mentoring, fund the first block of sessions of the facility hire and offer coaching bursaries for coaches/volunteers who are committing their time to the session.

If your club/coach and are interested in supporting these development sessions then please get in touch:

Join the East Midlands Region Pool of ‘Active’ Coaches:  

Please get in touch in you are a club coach who wants to develop as a coach, support regional sessions (as mentioned above) mentor other club coaches - ultimately developing you & your club for the future.

I am currently working on a Coach/Club support package – a range of benefits to those who apply – depending on commitment to these programmes. For further information contact

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