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Lesley Linley.jpg

Lesley Linley

Track Workgroup Lead


I've been the Track Representative since 2020

Got into cycling in 2013 to recover from knee surgery and to complete an event with the Charity I worked for at the time.  It’s fair to say, I’m a proud fair weather, social cyclist! 

I was introduced to Track as a great way to get some winter miles in…I was hooked from the start, especially being part of the community of riders.

I’m a Regional Track Commissaire, and a trainee Circuit and Road Commissaire.  I spend most of my commissaire time at Derby Arena, but love to get outside to the hard tracks and grass tracks through the Summer.

I’m passionate about people enjoying cycling, no matter how far,  how fast, racing or chatting, indoors or out.

In my role as Track Representative, I lead on the track workgroup and want to ensure that, as a board, we support riders, clubs, organisers and volunteers to keep the sport alive and growing into the future.

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