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Libby Hawkins

BMX Event Workgroup Lead


My role on the board is to represent the Regional BMX Racing Workgroup.


I came back into BMX racing 10 years ago after graduating from university, taking over the dormant club at Chesterfield and re-establishing it within the BMX and local community bringing awareness to the sport and new members to the club.


Jan 2021 I also founded another new BMX club in the deprived area of Mickley, Derbyshire (Mickley Pump track) to help tackle inactivity and antisocial behavior in the village and surrounding areas.. this like Chesterfield BMX Racing club continues to be a massive success on sign up and I am now working with the local councils to upgrade the facilities further to ensure accessibility to all no matter the season.


I am also a cycling coach and director of Tuff Riders BMX School offering holiday clubs and outreach programmes within the community and schools. My approach is address bike-ability from a BMX perspective engaging more children to cycling in fresh and fun way.


My passion is to ensure all children are able to ride a bike confidently and help those that have a mental block with cycling (which I have a proven track record in)


We aim within the BMX Workgroup to address the challenges that these disciplines face in the short, medium and long term, to support the delivery of a balanced program that caters for everyone who wants to ride and race.

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