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Regional Council Agenda 2023

Zoom session at 7.30pm - October 19th 2023 - our regions chance to make important democratic choices to the national council

For invites, please complete the following form.

1. Welcome & Introduction

2. Apologies

3. Purpose of Regional Council (CG)

4. Votes per club

5. Question on 2022 National Council minutes

6. Any matters arising not covered elsewhere

7. Questions on the Annual Report

(Within 04.i British Cycling Federation 2023 - Final Accounts 1909 v2 (002) )

8. Questions on Finances

a. BC Events Ltd Federation 2023

b. BC Events Ltd

c. English Cycling Union LTD

9. Discussion on elections (One role)

a. Non Executive Board Member

i. Richard Lodge (incumbent)

ii. Mark Farndon

iii. Scott Taylor

b. Presidential Election (One role)

i. Bob Howden (incumbent)

ii. Peter Lifford

10. Proposition by Eastern region

11. Wrap of EM posture for National Council

12. Any urgent Regional Business

13. AOB

Next meeting date : (Full Board 23rd November / Officers & Regional Team 7th December )

Location : Zoom

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