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Regional Volunteers Conference Feb 27th 2022

The East Midlands regional team are working together to deliver an actual face to face regional conference for volunteers in the BC East Midlands region in early 2022 and we look forward to seeing lots of people there.

Date: Sun 27th Feb 2022

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Waltham on the Wolds Village Hall

Cost: Free, lunch included

We have heard loud and clear over the last few months that volunteer capacity and recruitment has become a real issue that is limiting the ability for clubs to grow and develop, for cycling activity to be delivered in all its forms.

Are you concerned that your club/group does have enough volunteer capacity to enable it to continue or grow its activities?

Does your role involve working with and supporting volunteers at events or club activities?

Do you want to understand why volunteers are not staying or coming forward to get involved?

So to address these concerns we will focus the whole day around volunteer support and are delighted to welcome Rob Jackson as headline speaker to deliver a 2 hour workshop 'Understanding the 21st Century Volunteer' Rob Jackson is a volunteering development expert who lives in Grantham and works with organisations and individuals around the world who want to get better at engaging and inspiring people to make change happen through volunteering. Find out more about Rob and his consulting business, books, blogs and most recently a podcast series in Robs full biography


10 to 12.30 – welcome and 'Understanding the 21st Century Volunteer'

12.30 to 2 – lunch and networking

2 to 4pm – region/role/discipline updates and planning to put the learning from the morning session into action

The benefits of attending

  • We will share some of the key ways in which society is changing and how these changes affect volunteers and volunteering, helping you to understand the volunteers in your club and their impact on the cycling community.

  • We will discuss what you as volunteers and leaders of volunteers can do to update your practices to accommodate these changes, and to get better at finding, involving and keeping volunteers.

  • You will come away with an action plan and plenty of ideas to support the activities and volunteers that you are involved with and an understanding of how the regional staff can support you to make those changes happen.

  • You will hear from members of the regional team who will provide some headline updates for the upcoming 12 months

  • You will have plenty of opportunity to network with members of staff, other clubs and volunteers from around the region.

We look forward to having a wide range of people in different roles attending and clubs and groups are more than welcome to bring more than one person to attend, we know that people often wear a variety of different hats so we would encourage you to use this opportunity to introduce others to the support network that is available in the region from both staff and other volunteers.

Please share this information with those who you think would be interested in attending and do ensure places are booked early, although we will of course be monitoring the Covid situation and manage things accordingly if we need to.

Finally, apologies if you receive this more than once from different members of the team, or if you have already registered for a place, but we are keen to make sure as many people as possible get the opportunity to attend this event

See you in February.

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