April 22 Regional Board Meeting

Our April regional board meeting is being held on 7th April 7pm.

If you wish to obtain a link to the zoom meeting, please email


Please provide your BC membership number on the email, your association with the East Midlands region, and any details for anything you wish to raise or discuss.

Here's our standard agenda

1. Chairman’s opening remarks

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of previous Board meeting and review of the AGM minutes

4. Matters Arising

a. National Delivery Structure update (CG / SJ)

b. Update on Recruitment of roles (SJ)

5. Correspondence & secretarial update (CL)

6. Financial Reports (SC)

7. Reports: (Attached)

a. Cycling Delivery Manager (SJ)

b. Regional Events Officer (KL)

i. Recruitment Initiatives - Comms / AMS

ii. 2022 calendar

c. Road Events Work Group (KL)

d. MTB Update (MW)

e. BMX Update (LH)

f. Track Update (LL)

g. Junior & Youth Development Update (GM)

h. Publicity Manager Update (CL)

9. AOB

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