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East Midlands Youth League

Happy to announce that in 2023 we will be running an East Midlands Youth League Series. In this inaugural year, our objectives are modest, but will provide the youth of BC EastMidlands with racing opportunities throughout the region. We will be hosting at Darley Moor (Derbyshire), Harvey Hadden (Nottinghamshire), Yarlborough (Lincolnshire) and New College (Leicestershire); providing a variety of racing circuits with separate characteristics. These will all be weekend events giving added flexibility to families who might otherwise struggle with week night events. Chip timing will be present at all events, and league standings through our four events. The BC region are providing funding for this, and a prize fund will be in place. More news to come, watch this space - BC East Midlands Board

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As per the Regional Board Officers meeting in January 2023, we confirm 1. All new 'regional' kit will be controlled through the BC East Midlands Board, in order to ensure consistency of design etc. 2.

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