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May 2023 Regional Board - Your chance to contribute to the future of the sport

The British Cycling Federation (Company number 03943494) (Trading as British Cycling)

British Cycling East Midlands Region – Board Meeting Agenda

May 2023

There will be a meeting of the East Midlands Regional Board of British Cycling

at 7pm on Thursday 25th May by Zoom – details will be sent separately – those interested in attendance should email outlining connection with the region, and areas that they may wish to discuss.

1. Recording of attendees (and whether Regional Board or observer role) and apologies for absence

2. Interests

a. Declaration of Interests (CG)

3. Minutes of the last meeting held on March 2023

a. Approval (noting where redactions, if any, required for publication)

b. Matters arising

4. Chairs Introduction and update

5. Correspondence to the Regional Secretary

a. Team Selection Process

6. Regional Delivery Plan update – CDM report

7. Reports

a) Treasurer

b) Secretary & Publicity Update

c) Cycle Sport Developer Report & update

d) Discipline Leads


Cyclo-Cross (RH)

Diversity & Inclusion (SB)

Mountain Bike (MW)

Road & Circuit (DO)

a. Sanction of purchase of in car radio sets

Track (TBC)

Youth & Junior (&EMYL Update) (DG)

Recreation (TBC)


Date, time and location of next meeting: Thursday 25th May 2023 @ 7pm

All agendas, reports and data will be stored in a dropbox folder managed by the region. Access will be provided to attendees.

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