Needed: Team Mgr for Youth and Junior Reg Team

In East Midlands, we have a proud tradition of investing in, and inspiring our next generation of cyclists.

As part of the development of Youth and Junior competitors in our region, the Regional Board facilitate teams to a number of well organised events around the United Kingdom.

This year we have an invite to the Youth Tour of Scotland; and anticipate sending a boys and a girls team. This event is between the 1st and 4th April 2022.

To allow for this, we are seeking applicants to help in a Team Manager / Coach capacity for the teams.

For information on this, please can you email Guy Marsh, Regional Board Y&J Lead -

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If you wish to obtain a link to the zoom meeting, please email Please provide your BC membership number on the email, your association with the East Midlands region,

30th July 2022 7pm via Zoom. If anyone wishes to receive an invite, please email Please outline your link to the East Midlands region and BC membership number in the